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Old 1x2 fiction search

Hi, I'm new here and I hope that it's okay to post this, if it's not okay please let me know and I will delete this.

I'm looking for an old 1x2 fiction. It has changing perspectives throughout all of it. It starts out as a 1xOC and then becomes a 1x2 (along with a 3x4x5 pairing). This is what I can remember of it: Heero and Duo are both Preventors and are best friends. Heero is dating a man named Alex (who almost refers to himself in the third person) who looks a lot like Duo. Heero and Duo have a fight and Duo puts Heero out of the car (he was taking him home after work). Duo then calls Quatra very upset. He quits his job and moves to L4 to live with the other three pilots. Heero searches for Duo but the other three tell him nothing. Finally Heero breaks up with Alex after he catches a STD. WuFei goes to earth to help Heero get medical help from Sally. At the end of the story Heero and Duo eventually get together.

If anyone can tell me the name of this story and where to find it I will be forever grateful. I love this story and cannot find it any where. Thank you!
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