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Fic search help?

Just wondering if anyone can help me, I'm desperately looking for a one-shot that I seem to have lost. The basic story-line was that Duo had been captured by OZ and was being held in a room for some reason. I mostly remember that the oz soldier that had to watch over him was slowly being driven mad by Duo constantly running at a wall and using his moment to kick off the wall and flip over backwards whilst singing one line from a song...I think it was My Sharona. The fic ended with Heero letting Duo out of the room and the oz soldier labeling the video of Duo's capture as something like 'extreme torture' or 'only use as a last resort' or somesuch. I really hope someone can help me out. Thanks.
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I definitely read that one too! I totally remember that plot. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it was called or what site it was on. Sorry I can't help. At least I can corroborate your memory XP
OK, not sure if anyone is really bothered (apart from maybe feidragon) but I finally found this fic. It's 'Hyperactive Duo' by Kracken and can be found on their website.