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Gundam Wing Yaoi Fanfiction and art!

For all your Yaoi-ish needs!

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Hey! Welcome to Gundam Wing Yaoi Fanfiction! A place for Gundam Wing Yaoi fans to chat, share art and fiction and just generally have a good time.
I hope you enjoy the community and that you get in the spirit of things. It's a bit slow at the moment due to the moderators heavy amounts of college work and outside commitments, however, things'll be back on track eventually, just bare with us!


1. Treat all other members with respect. Do not swear at, abuse or HARASS other members. This will result in the immediate removal of you from the community. If you recieve abuse, please contact me outside of the community so that I can deal with it privatly without disturbing the group.
2. Not all posts must contain fanfiction, although I'd prefer them to at least contain something about Gundam Wing.
3. NO RPG SPAMMING!!! You get one chance and the next time it is done, you're out of there!
4. No spamming of other websites unless fanfiction related.
5. Long, NC-17 and R rated works MUST be cut with a warning beforehand.
6. Concerning fanart, it is now being accepted but only behind a cut or link.
7. Don't just randomly slander someone's working, if you criticise, constructive criticism only, no randomly harsh words because you don't like a person. Fights from outside that are brought in will also result in removal.
8. Not all fics must contain Yaoi, but the must all be Gundam Wing related (crossovers are acceptable).
9. Please enjoy! These rules have gotten stricter after a number of deletions due to people not following the rules.