vega_lume_chan (vega_lume_chan) wrote in gundamwingyaoi,

Fic Searches (3) and Recs please.

Hi all,

I'm searching for three stories I don't remember much about them at all. I know this is vague but I hope they sound familiar to someone.

Story 1-
I only remember that the 5 pilots are camping or something, I seem to remember a campfire or bonfire. Heero is sexually assaulted by the 4 other pilots, and Trowa (I believe) comments to Heero something about Heero's state of mind the next morning and that he had to have enjoyed it and to just get over it.

Story 2 -
The only thing I remember about this one is Heero is scientifically modified and doesn't have to breathe, I think he consciously has to remind himself to breathe. He is not 'undead' or a vampire. I think this story may have been a WIP.

Story 3 -
Heero is captured by Oz, Trowa is undercover within Oz, other Oz soldiers are sexually assaulting Heero, and Trowa, in order to not blow his cover is forced to participate. I remember there being tension between Heero a Trowa at the end and that Heero was with Duo.


Heero and Duo are the main pairing, any/all fics that involve Vampires, wares, supernatural elements (like Fangs and Fur by Merula) Complete fics preferred please.

Thank you!
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